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is a Production Service Company experienced in Feature Film, Television, Commercial and Music Videos Production, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We will offer you Bulgaria's best technical support, pre-production services, CGI effects, post-production facilities, logistics and qualified personnel.

We can provide a great variety of technical equipment for the needs of your production for whatever period you desire, and at competitive prices. Our goal is to provide a combination of the best of high-quality production with the labor and cost savings of Eastern Europe. We can secure many different locations, we will provide and build stages, and we can book several professionally equipped sound stages, depending on the needs of your production.

The feedback from all the world production companies (Warner Brothers, Disney, Sony Pictures, 20th century fox, Columbia, Tri-star, Paramount, Trimark, MGM, etc.) which have worked in Bulgaria, is perfect.

We have a rich historical, cultural and natural background which makes it one of the most desirable film-making destinations over the past few years with beautiful and various locations, nice weather (full-range of well-differentiated seasons) and active international transport communications. All of this combined with the best costs, turns Bulgaria into a very attractive destination for the film industry.

The production services in Bulgaria have the lowest costs in the EU without compromising world production standards. We guarantee

savings of at least 50%

below U.S., Canadian and Western European production costs.

NOVAFILMVISION is in a close business relationship with the biggest and most important international and Bulgarian production companies .We can provide for you many facilities and various studios. We always collaborate with the best and most talented commercial and music video DPs and directors, like George Markov and the best CGI studios like Creative Studio and Cinemotion Studio.


is a consortium between “RADIOVISION PLUS “, represented by Alexander Metodiev (registered producer in the Bulgarian Film Center, member of the Bulgarian Filmmakers union and lecturer in the New Bulgarian University in Organization and Financing of the Film Productio), and ”NOVA FILM” , a production company founded in 2000 by Dessy Tenekedjieva.
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